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Your FNQ
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Your FNQ for Businesses

What is Your FNQ:

The gateway to local deals, competitions, giveaways | sales, promotions and events | media & entertainment news & reviews | tourism & hospitality reviews, service overviews and menus | business news, reviews & insights | neighbourhood news | interactive polls | photo galleries of events & behind the scenes.. and so much more!

Your FNQ is designed to attract an actively engaged audience looking for ways to provide more for their family and friends for less, they are interested in supporting and contributing to their local community.

Where will I find Your FNQ?

A brand new social and digital brand with a difference: it’s not just online.. Adding a new dimension to social and digital communication with a twist of outdoor in-store, Your FNQ is extending its social and digital presence with digital advertising screens within participating businesses, practices, retail and service stores.

Customers, clients, patients and more will have the opportunity to engage with rotating in-store imagery as well as your branding and current promotional imagery and videos, news on your upcoming events and promotions… they will also find out how they can win restaurant vouchers, competitions, giveaways as well as where to find local events, sales and promotions.

How to be part of Your FNQ

If you want to know more about all the advantages of being part of Your FNQ, fill the form below and one of your amazing staff member will get in contact with you.

Why do you want in?

CROSS POLLINATION! You want to capitalise on the opportunity to engage with and inspire different categories of business and different consumer categories to experience and connect with your brand and promotions. You want to direct new traffic to your social and digital assets via links from Your FNQ’s social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. From Your FNQ’s digital platforms; digital links on branding and promotional content on our website and EDMs to Your FNQ subscribers. AND discounted access to cross pollinate on Your FNQ’s network of in-store digital advertising screens where you can update your content as often as you want. Schedule your digital on-screen and social content by the hour – got an event on, we’ll promote it up to an hour before it’s done..

Now is the time!

As Your FNQ has just launched, we are offering never to be repeated introductory deals designed to entice businesses to jump on board now.

Click here for more information on our introductory deals!

Your FNQ are implementing media campaigns to promote the website and social media pages, offering incentives to encourage new followers to all platforms to establish and grow its audience via:

  • TV campaigns
  • Radio campaigns
  • Social media campaigns
  • Digital campaigns
  • Bus advertising

Number of businesses we are helping around FNQ

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