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Your FNQ for Businesses

What is Your FNQ & how can it help your business?

Your FNQ is a new, 100% locally owned & operated multi-media network with the unique ability to inspire & inform audiences while they are actively shopping via:

+ Your FNQ In-store Digital Advertising Screens

+ Your FNQ Mobile Digital Billboard Advertising

+ Your FNQ Social Media

+ Your FNQ Mobile App

+ Your FNQ Website

We'll reward customers for supporting your business using the Your FNQ Mobile App

Yes, we'll reward Your FNQ members for checking in at your
business & checking out your specials!

With mobiles now considered an essential part of everyday life, our mobile app travels with Your FNQ members everywhere they go. Our mobile (+online) business directory will reward customers for checking in to your business and checking out your exclusive offers to help increase your sales! 


Download the App from the Apple Store here and Google Play here:

Your FNQ for Business Mobile App

your FNQ for Businesses

digital screen packages

We’ll buy & install a Digital Screen for your business

You’ll sell more with a digital screen in-store!

Engage your customers while they’re actively shopping with eye-catching creative that generates additional sales, informs and influences purchasing decisions, entertains and increases brand loyalty.

+ Promote your sales, specials & offers

+ Increase awareness of your brand’s story (values | charitable associations & donations etc)

+ Increase customer retention and brand loyalty


BIG pictures make a bigger connection with their audience so you can use in-store digital advertising screens to recruit social followers and loyalty members, cost effectively extending your online reach and audience too.

+ Share social highlights with a QR link to like/follow your page

+ Boost your membership or loyalty program with a QR subscribe link

+ Gain credibility sharing endorsements from Facebook, Instagram, Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor and more


Versatile & flexible, Digital Advertising Screens offer incredible scheduling flexibility for your messages.

+ We can update your content as often as you want.

+ We can schedule your content by the hour, day, week or month.



Advertise your business on Your FNQ’s Digital Screen Network

Share your promos with the audience in the business next door, in the next street, next suburb.

Just like a television, digital screens provide exceptional capabilities for advertising.  Your FNQ’s growing Digital Screen Network cost effectively delivers your promotional messaging (video and static) to an audience actively shopping out of their home. Unlike television advertising, we ensure that your advertising message is not played in a competitor’s store and vice versa.

+ Tempt active shoppers with your menu, your sales, specials & offers

+ Reach that elusive demo who don’t listen to the radio, don’t ‘do’ social media, block digital advertising and survive on Netflix, Stan, Disney, Prime, YouTube, Apple Tv and every other viewing platform than Free To Air television




Your FNQ for Business Digital Advertising Screens

your FNQ for Businesses

Mobile Digital Billboard

With our mobile digital billboard, Your FNQ will have the ability to add a whole new dimension to your sale!

The growth of billboard (Out of Home) advertising has grown exponentially in recent years, due to a number of factors including increased fragmentation in Free To Air television audiences, an increase in Broadcast on Demand entertainment options, increased uptake of ad-free music streaming platforms decreasing radio audiences and the availability of news services online reducing newspaper circulation and readership numbers.

Billboards are an unavoidable part of our daily commutes, strategically placed to ensure maximised exposure day and night, their messages are usually remembered due to the frequency of exposure.

Billboards are highly effective tools for increasing brand awareness as well as promoting sales events and highlighting new products or services.

Mobile Digital Billboard Packages

Our instant “attention grabbers” can be parked at your business to draw passers-by into your sale event or put your brand on the big screen somewhere prominent every other day of the week. We have some really cost-effective packages, starting at just $150+GST.




Your FNQ for Business Digital Mobile Billboard

your FNQ for Businesses

Your FNQ Social Media

Let Your FNQ's website is designed to be a hub of local information and inspiration.

Using a combination of our social voices, static, video and animated artwork as well as polls, competitions and a sense of humour. We engage socially on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We also include upcoming local events, competitions to enter, beauty tips, gardening tips, menu ideas, places to discover, local history, sales, promotions, giveaways, renovating tips, charities to support, fashion and more.


With Your FNQ partnerships, there is no limit to sponsorship opportunities. We’d love to partner with your business: we’re looking forward to securing the following soon: Menu Inspirations | Cooking up a storm | Renovating tips for the Tropics | Pampered Pets | Fabulous Fashions | Healthy Habits | Growing Places | Medically Speaking and more…



Your FNQ for Business Social Media

your FNQ for Businesses


Connect with customers digitally on the Your FNQ website

The Your FNQ website is the gateway and the glue to all things Your FNQ. It supports our social media and SEO by sharing our Instagram feed – which also ensures our socials reach and inspire audiences beyond the social apps. It is another avenue to promote your competitions (and ours!), it lists our business partners (so they know who to support for rewards), it inspires people to attend events, informs them of sales and discounts and enables your business to tell your story with blogs of every kind.

Your FNQ for Business Website

your FNQ for Businesses

Now is the time to join the Your FNQ network!

Are you ready to capitalise on the opportunity to engage with and inspire and connect your brand with the people of FNQ while they are actively shopping?


Do you want to direct new traffic to your business social and digital assets? 


Breathe new life into your catalogue, tell us your story, we want to share it!

your FNQ for Businesses

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