Tame the Tropics Your FNQ

Taming the Tropics

Tips for keeping your cool this Summer..

Spring is well and truly here which means the humidity of Summer is on the way. The Your FNQ team came together to bring you these tips for keeping your home cool for less as the weather warms up:


Make pool time fun with pool accessories from Clark Rubber!

They are open 7 days and have a huge variety that are really affordable. Don’t have a pool? Clark Rubber has a wide range of pools and spa options too! View more here.


Make your own Icy Poles

Utilise some of the delicious local produce in our region. Simply puree or squeeze the fruit of your choice, poor into an ice-cube tray or icy pole tray and freeze. They will not only be cheap and healthy but tastier too.


Bamboo Clothing and Bedding

Are both great options for FNQ. Bamboo material is not only more environmentally sustainable than many manufactured materials, the fabric is more breathable which means it’s cooler on your skin.


Trees and Plants

Help to cool the air inside your home and provide great shade outside so consider investing in some for your home and garden. Besides, there’s nothing quite like relaxing in a hammock in your own backyard!


Switch up those bulbs!

Sustainable LED light bulbs don’t give off heat unlike regular light globes. They may cost a little bit more initially but they last much longer.


Instead of using the oven why not try a tasty air fryer recipe.

Air fryers gives off much less heat than a conventional oven! Even better, why not have a fresh and tasty salad!

Speaking of appliances, dishwashers and washing machines also generate heat when in use. Reduce the heat and the energy cost by running them overnight – just remember to hang up your washing out in the morning!


Clean your air-conditioner filters regularly

This will ensure optimal cooling capacity with the least energy use – and improve the air quality in your home too. 

Make sure you have your fan set to summer as it blows the air anti-clockwise! This makes a huge difference in their cooling abilities.


Do you have any tips to beat the heat? Let us know in the comments below! If you like getting out and about you might be interested to read our blog about Davies Creek.




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