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The news is full of doom and gloom… with the devastating effects of rising fuel costs on family budgets – and not just at the bowser, increased delivery costs are impacting prices on every shelf! Plus, the anticipated increase to mortgage rates will stretch already stretched family budgets just that little bit more…


Before you become overwhelmed with the enormity of the doom and gloom the media portrays, let us remind you that we live in paradise. And, our paradise has an abundance of world class nature that provides opportunities for plenty of FREE adventures and family entertainment.


Our fortune also includes an abundance of very fertile land. The tablelands are renowned for producing fresh fruit and vegetables. The Innisfail region is celebrated for bananas, other exotic tropical fruits and market gardens. Even north, between Lakeland Downs and Laura, you’ll find plantations of watermelons, bananas and cocoa beans.


The culmination of this fresh produce is available at Rusty’s markets, along with an array of locally created arts, crafts, food vans and massage services. Time it right on a Sunday and you’ll have the pick of ‘out they go’ trays of produce from just $2! Prices for fresh local produce at Rusty’s Markets on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings are much more competitive than your local supermarket.


Find a growing number of exclusive Your FNQ member deals that will help you save money in almost every aisle!

While our ability to supply fresh produce is well known, you may not know that FNQ is also home to one of the fastest growing health and wellbeing brands in Australia. Wholelife Pharmacies and Healthfoods now carry one of the biggest ranges of organic health and organic food ranges, as well as a really competitive pharmacy range backed by one of the industry’s biggest suppliers. They also have a price match guarantee, so spending with them helps to keep locals employed while ensuring you’re getting a very fair price.



“Terrific,” you say, “but what about combating the rising cost of petrol?” Never fear! We’ll help you out there too with tips from the guys at the locally owned Autobarn stores on how to improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle (and your driving!) as well as sharing the best prices at local fuel bowsers too.



Follow us on socials as we comb catalogues for bargains and share them with you on our social media platforms (albeit badly but we will get better at it with practice!). Better yet, download our FREE mobile app so you know where you’ll be rewarded for spending your time and money. Plus, find a growing number of exclusive Your FNQ member deals that will help you save money in almost every aisle!


Your FNQ is here to save you time and money and ensure you live your best FNQ life!



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