Dare to go where the internet doesn’t work! Pack up and go bush – take the family off line for a night, the weekend or a week and discover the joys of life without the distractions of hourly news updates, social media and addictions like Fortnight. Take some time out to reconnect with your family and nature and take in the beauty that is on our doorstep. 

It’s an annual family ritual that we all look forward to. The trek to ourcampspot on an outback station, just past Laura on the way up the Cape is a long drive.We never leave on time and we have to take everything we need with us, from drinking water to shovels, so there is a lot of preparation required. But it’s one of my happy places – I feel the decompression start the minute I open the car door!

As anyone who runs there own business knows, getting away is challenging, even with – sometimes because of – staff. You have to pedal as hard as you can before you go to make sure everything is in as much as order as you can get it and when you get back you’re peddling just as hard to catch up.. But while you’re there, you are in complete ignorance to what is going on in the office and ignorance really is bliss!

We are lucky, we have our campspot to ourselves. Yes, this means there are NO amenities such as toilets, that’s what the afore mentioned shovel is for. But flying solo in the wilderness, we have the luxury of just being ourselves. Fashion is lost on the odd cow and the wallabies don’t hang around long enough to read labels. Make up may be replaced by dust and or soot from the campfire and the smoke certainly overpowers most body odours.

While the water always flows, we sit in rock spas with gentle waterfalls flowing over us to get totally wet in an otherwise shallow creek. Our camping shower is a warm combination of a boiled billymixed with a bucket of creek water, mixed in a shower bag that hangs from the branch of a tree. It’s primitive but effective. We recently added LED lighting to our ensemble – a little fancy for us (we still have gas lanterns with mantles) but they are the bomb! So convenient with dimming for when the kids go to bed…

Finding our happy place, well off the beaten track, means we need a 4WD and how to use it. Bullbars are recommended and a UHF radio can be useful. Snatchstraps, tie-downs, ockies, pods, roof racks, ladders, Gerry can holders.. We choose to get ours from our local Autobarn store.

Autobarn Cairns & Smithfield have all the 4WD accessories you need to get off road, stocked & fitted.

You’ll find Autobarn Cairns on McCoombe St, Mooroobool and Autobarn Cairns at McMillan Dve, Smithfield next to Bunnings/BCF. Follow them on Facebook for tips and advice as well as current sale prices.

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Dare to go where the internet doesn’t work! Pack up and go bush – take the family off line for a night, the weekend or a week and discover the joys

Read More »

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