Horsing around Far North Queensland with MountRiding

Horsing around at MountNRide Adventures

When was the last time you rode a horse? Do you remember the feeling of being astride such a majestical beast with the strength to carry you almost anywhere you want to go?

This Mother’s Day I finally made the time to get back into the saddle and I loved every minute of it. My passion for all things horsey may be a little unusual – I love the smell, even the smell of their poo, I love that they are so powerful yet so gentle, so intuitive and for the most part, so willing to carry us where ever we need or want to go.

The gentle horses at MountNRide Adventures carried my family and I safely across paddocks, through rainforests, up hills and even swam with us on their backs through the crystal clear waters of the Little Mulgrave River..


..it was simply a magical family experience!

While our teenage daughter was way too cool to outwardly express her feelings, our almost 12 year old son’s new found enthusiasm for riding horses knows no bounds – he has now researched the cost of owning a horse, spent time considering the responsibilities owning a horse brings and evaluating the time and commitment it takes. Fortunately it would appear good sense has prevailed and he has resigned himself to taking the opportunity to ride other people’s horses when they arise instead. PHEW!

As for my husband, Dave, it only took 25 years but I finally got him on the back of a horse as opposed to backing a horse on Sportsbet. He willingly joined in the Mother’s Day adventure and although he may not have always looked comfortable, he swears he enjoyed every moment of the experience, particularly the unique experience of riding through the creek.

If you’d like a gentle introduction to the joy of horse riding,
I’d highly recommend you try MountNRide Adventures at Little Mulgrave south of Cairns.

A very professional set up, you’ll feel at ease after viewing the safety video and in very capable hands with experienced ‘horsey’ people there with you along the way. Check them out at mountnride.com.au.

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topics for the tropics: living a good life!
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Topics for the tropics: living a good life!

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