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As a local girl, I’m lucky to say that I’ve been venturing to Fitzroy Island for almost 40 years. My grandparents hired a cabin for the family when I was young and as a teenager, I took day trips with friends. As a young adult holidaying at home from Melbourne, I shared the magic of Fitzy with my boyfriend (now husband). This week I took a day off to hang with the kids at Fitzy as a day-tripper. It is the school holidays after all and there are only so many days you can drag them into the office, and it didn’t disappoint!


It’s right there.. just 45 minutes on a ferry is FNQ’s very own island paradise. With local deals almost all year round, Fitzroy Island is an affordable destination for families of all sizes, yet big enough for young couples to find privacy. It is diverse enough to engage visitors of all ages. The boat trip is long enough to appreciate the distance from home and day-to-day life but not so long that it becomes an arduous chore. 


We were fortunate enough to enjoy an informative but very entertaining (ie. Engaging) safety demonstration, conducted by a comedian masquerading as a deckhand or vice versa, on both the journey to and from the island. Somewhat unique, the demonstrations added an extra sparkle to our journey.


The kids (12 and 14) and I hiked to the lighthouse before the midday heat made its presence felt. The walk was challenging but not uncomfortably so. The view from the lighthouse was simply gorgeous with pristine blue oceans that went for as far as the eye could see. A glorious breeze cooled us down while we discussed our imagined life of being a light housekeeper in times gone by and pondered the purpose of the different buildings we’d seen along the way.


Lighthouse walk done, we made our way over to the most beautiful part of Fitzroy Island, Nudey Beach. Located on the other side of the island, we were armed with enough snacks to tie us over till lunch back at Foxy’s Bar & Grill. Largely sheltered from the wind, the crystal clear water is hard to resist as it laps the luxuriously soft sand at Nudey Beach (unlike the main part of the island which is lined with washed-up dead coral that tinkles as the waves wash over it).


It’s not hard to see why Nudy Beach was branded Australia’s best in 2018, it really is paradise. No crocs. And water is so visible you can still see the fungus on your toenails. (If you happened to have any that is). The kids frolicked then explored amongst the boulders that intermittently line the shore. We then declared it was time to hit Foxy’s for a bite of lunch.


We booked an information session at the Turtle Rehab Centre when we arrived on the island, scheduled for after lunch. The small donation made to the centre by way of payment for the tour was money well spent. Like sponges, both of my kids walked away with an abundance of knowledge on turtles. Plus, some hope for a future they know is going to be affected by climate change.


The rest of the afternoon was spent hanging together, skimming coral along the foreshore, reading and basking in sunshine and our own company. There were lots of giggles, lots of meaningful conversations and a whole lot of love and appreciation for having spent a day exploring, learning and relaxing together. Both kids nodded off on the boat ride home, exhausted but content.


If you haven’t done Fitzy Island for a while, make sure you put it on your agenda. It’s a magical place, just a skip, jump and hop away from the daily grind of everyday life.


With love from the team at Your FNQ – it’s your FNQ, own it!


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Fitzroy Island Your FNQ

Fitzroy Island

Fitzroy Island, It’s right there.. just 45 minutes on a ferry is FNQ’s very own island paradise with local deals almost all year round!

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Topics for the tropics: living a good life!

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