Gained a little extra padding lately? Maintaining a healthy weight is important not just to our physical health but also our mental
health. There are many reasons for weight gain and for many of us, it takes professional advice from a dietitian to help solve the issue.

Registered dietitians work with patients who are struggling to lose weight or need to improve their diet for other health-related
reasons, such as managing Diabetes or IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). They work with patients to understand their particular needs
and challenges, and design meal plans accordingly.

Alyce Rees is an accredited Dietitian practicing at Cairns Doctors on Barr St. Alyce is passionate about educating people on how to
nourish their bodies through fun group fitness and delicious and nutritious food.


Alyce graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science from Deakin University, with a Masters in Dietetics. She also holds a Graduate
Certificate in Diabetes Education from Curtin University and Certificates III and IV in Fitness from the Australian Institute of Personal
Trainers (AIPT).

She is a common-sense dietitian who translates the evidence into practical strategies to reach your goals. Alyce’s areas of special
interest include dietetics for bariatric surgery, low carbohydrate diets for metabolic conditions and food allergies and intolerances.
Alyce has a strong commitment to ensuring clients feel listened to; understand their condition or what is occurring in their body; and
empowered to make necessary changes without feeling overwhelmed. She feels it is especially important that her clients understand
the treatment management plan she has provided, why she has made her recommendations, and how to implement the change.
Alyce’s mantra is “Eat well, move well and feel amazing”


More services available more often at Cairns Doctors on Barr St.

You’ll find Cairns Doctors at Barr St Markets, 532 Mulgrave Rd, Earlville.
Book your appointment now on 4242 5300 or jump online and book directly from their website at

Proudly owned and operated in Cairns, the Cairns Doctors on Barr St team are dedicated to providing the local community with
extended availability for general and specialised health services. Our variety of General Practitioners have an extensive range of
special interests including; Chronic Disease Management, Indigenous Health and Health Assessments, Women’s and Men’s Health,
Family Planning, Children’s Health, Dietary Advice, Travel Advice and Vaccinations, Sexual Health and Medical Terminations, Driving
Medical Assessments, Geriatric Care and much more!

Appointments are available seven days a week and can be made online, in the practice or by phone.

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Gained a little extra padding lately? Maintaining a healthy weight is important not just to
our physical health but also our mental health

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